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Art Spies is transitioning to a not for profit platform. We ask of artists currently exhibiting to bear with us during the brief transitional period and hope you'll stay with us into the future. 

Please Get In Touch should you have any questions.

Image: Buy Irish and International Art.

Buying Art

Buy contemporary art from our online marketplace.

Our streetwise special agents seek out

unique artworks from across the globe.

 You can browse and purchase on any device.

The buying experience is safe & simple with SSL Certificate Encryption for secure purchasing via Paypal and Stripe.

Image: Sell Irish and International Art.

Selling Art

Sell your own and / or third party Artworks.

There are two selling options. 30% commission is charged when an artwork is sold in our

Free Market. An introductory charge of $30

applies to sales in our Pay Market.

★ Both markets are curated.

Submit one image for review

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Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints are finally making waves, nods, twitches and winks at auction houses.

We always knew their worth, but in any case,

here's to Prints and The Revolution!

  If you'd like to sell a print, please read the guidelines in our Frequently Asked Questions and Submit an image for review.


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