Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to be an artist to sell artworks?

A. No. but you must have the right to sell - Artists, collectors, agents,

curators, gallerists and the public are invited to sell artworks

provided you currently own them or you are an authorised agent.

Bear in mind that Art Spies is a curated platform.

Please upload one image for review.

No correspondence can be entered into regarding rejected images,

which will be deleted. If your submitted image is not onsite or you haven't heard from us within 48 hours then your image has been rejected.

Images may be rejected for numerous reasons,

not limited to, Art Spies panel rejection, incomplete submissions,

poor pixel quality, similar to other works exhibited, copyright issues,

confusing details etc.

Curation and democracy don't go hand in hand and many truly amazing artworks

will be rejected for a myriad of reasons. 


Q. Do you have guidelines for the type of artworks you're looking for?

A. In the subjective realm of curation we can only rely on our own

curatorial bias, based on our personal tastes and gut instinct.

Take a look at our Buy Art pages to get an overview of the kind

of works we're exhibiting.


Q. I've purchased an artwork. Who's posting it?

A. You, the buyer, pay Art Spies for the artwork which is then delivered

directly from the artist to you at the expense of the artist. 

Once the artwork has been received by you, Art Spies pay the artist.

Guidelines For Buyers 

Any Questions, please Get in touch 


Q. I'm a seller. If I sell through your market. How will I get paid?

A Directly from us, once the buyer has received the artwork.

On your first sale we'll ask for your bank details.


Q. I'd like to sell prints, are there guidelines?

A. Prints for sale must be archival quality.

Each print must be numbered and one of a limited edition.

Lightfast inks and high quality papers only.

Where prints are unframed, tough tubing or flat board must be used

for delivery to buyer.

Prints to be posted directly to the buyer at expense of artist/seller.

Each print must be signed by the artist on one side at least.


Q. I see your prices are in US dollars, but I don't live in the US?

A. Payments can be made and received in any currency and are automatically converted at current rates as all transactions are conducted using credit/debit card via Paypal, Stripe etc.


Q. I'm a Gallerist/Dealer/Agent/Curator. I'd like to exhibit numerous works by my stable of artists or numerous works by one. Are there special arrangements.

A. Let us know your requirements/proposal via our Contact Form 

Submissions are subject to curation.


Q. If I offer work/s for sale on Art Spies can I do the same elsewhere? 

A. Yes. Just let us know asap if a sale is pending or has occured so we can remove the image/s from our galleries.


Q. I'm an artist, if I submit my work to Art Spies do I lose copyright.

A. No, never. You retain authorship and full copyrights of the submitted image/s and the original artwork/s. You simply grant Art Spies the right to display your work for sale on our website, web app. and social channels.


Q. If I'd like to remove one or all of my artworks from Art Spies or change an image etc. is that an easy process?

A. Absolutely. Just Get In Touch and we'll remove your work/s or change your image/s, if preferred, anytime and without delay.  


Art Spies are artists, curators, collectors and gallerists just like you.

We don't do nasty stuff and we always have your best interests at heart.

If there's something we haven't covered, you need more details or you have a suggestion/proposal, please - Get in touch 

If, on the other hand, you're all set, just hit the pink button and upload your artwork via the 'Free Market' or 'Pay Market' forms.


Art Spies is a curated platform for artists, gallerists, agents, curators, collectors and the public to discover, exhibit and buy & sell contemporary art. 

Our special agents are on the hunt for unique works from across the globe.

We're watching you!


All artists exhibiting on Art Spies are verified and their works authenticated as originals prior to sale. Proof of rights re. sale of artworks is expected of all artists, agents and resellers.

* Limited edition prints are signed and numbered.

Chronology of ownership of submitted works and evidence of provenance is sought with proper oversight and due diligence from the outset.