Guidelines For Buyers

  • All packaging and worldwide delivery costs are included in the single purchase price. 
  • If you'd like to know more about one of our exhibiting artists, please  Get In Touch

Guidelines & Terms

  • Art Spies acts on behalf of it's exhibiting artists by the curation and facilitation of sale of works.
  • While Art Spies will mediate in the event of a dispute ultimately a level of trust and faith is required on both sides.
  • Representative images  posted on, it's social networks and affiliates are not distorted or doctored in any way, but you should satisfy yourself before purchasing as to the quality and condition of the work. Likewise the artist is obliged to ensure that the artwork is as stated and is safely and securely delivered to you. - Artworks in transit are not insured by us but may be insured by their respective creators/agents/buyers once a dialogue has commenced.
  • Damaged Artworks must be returned to the seller within 14 days - Postage and packaging to be covered by the buyer. 
  • You agree and accept that your contact details are forwarded to the artist in the event of a sale and that they may contact you directly to facilitate delivery.
  • We ask of both buyer and seller that any subsequent sales between both parties be arranged via Art Spies. This is in everyone's interest as works are exhibited publicly and sales are published and shared online [no buyer info.] on Art Spies itself and on numerous social media channels, thus boosting the artist's career profile and the value of their works. Behind the scenes sales distort the market and do nothing to promote artists or the arts in general.
  • Sales via Art Spies support Artists, the Art Market and keep Moving art Moving!