Upload Your Artwork

Artists, Curators, Gallerists, Collectors & Agents may submit artworks for review.


You must own the submitted works or have the authority to submit.

Please read and agree to our terms below before uploading any representative image.

Artists retain authorship and ownership of their submitted image and grant Art Spies the right to exhibit same on their website and social pages and to use a detail/section of an image where required for promotional purposes.

Terms Re. Sale of Works.

No correspondence whatsoever will be entered into regarding rejected submissions unless initiated by Art Spies Management. Rejected image/s will be deleted from our servers.

  1. Art Spies is a curated platform. Your submitted artwork may not be accepted for a multitude of reasons including but not limited to: Inferior quality of representative image, similar style on artspies.com, provenance issues, artwork deemed unsuitable for transport, or not meeting our Guidelines as determined by the Art Spies Crew.
  2. In the event of a sale, payment is made directly to us by the buyer and directly from us to you (the seller) after the artwork has been received by the buyer.
  3. Our commission will be agreed with you after your first submission and prior to exhibiting your work on Art Spies.
  4. You, the seller, are responsible for safe and secure delivery of your artwork directly to the buyer and for postage and packaging of same. In the event of a dispute Art Spies will mediate and help to resolve the matter.
  5. Your uploaded image must be a fair representation of the artwork you propose to sell..
  6. You must be the creator, owner or agent re. submitted artworks.
  7. Art Spies cannot be held responsible for items lost or damaged in transit. Please mark and wrap all artworks appropriately.
  8. Payment from Art Spies to you can be made in several ways - We will discuss preferred methods with you. You will receive any payments due directly from Art Spies shortly after your buyer has received their purchased artwork. 
  9. You agree to offer Art Spies the first option with regard to the sale of any artwork you are exhibiting on our platform. These artworks cannot be sold elsewhere without first withdrawing them from sale on Art Spies. We require 48 hrs notice to effect a withdrawal. Why? A buyer can acquire artworks on Art Spies in a matter of seconds by using a credit card. Once the transaction has been made we need to be certain that those artworks are still available to them and will be delivered. 
  10. We may contact you should we require more images.
  11. You agree and accept that we may use a detail or thumbnail of your image/s for our sliders / site pages and for practical reasons, no author accreditation may be visible - See example on our home page slideshow.
  12. It is illegal for a third party to copy or distribute your images found on Art Spies. However, by submitting you agree that while we do all in our power to prevent this we cannot be held responsible for third party breaches beyond our control.

By submitting you agree to all of the above terms and conditions.